Gun Violence

I support the Second Amendment and know that the vast majority of gun owners are responsible, law abiding citizens. We absolutely can, and must, take commonsense measures to reduce gun violence while still protecting access to guns for self-protection by non-violent family, friends, and neighbors.

Among these measures are:

  • Universal, vigorous background checks for all gun purchases
  • Better funded and equipped mental health programs
  • Access to high-quality healthcare, including mental health services, for all, especially our most vulnerable populations
  • Reducing the unprecedented level of corruption that dark money and unscrupulous politicians have brought into our government
  • Ban military-grade weapons and high capacity magazines from civilians
  • In any discussion of taxes, we must always protect and fund programs for our seniors, especially Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. People who’ve spent a lifetime working hard and paying into those systems should not be denied the benefits they’ve earned.
  • In general, I am very reluctant to have our government raise taxes. Raising taxes should always be a last resort and I will never vote for it lightly or without careful consideration. I do, however, recognize that there are times when taxes must be raised: to defend our nation, aid our seniors and most vulnerable populations, or support our infrastructure.
  • I will always protect Florida’s special exemptions and benefits, like the homestead exemption.
  • We cannot afford any more government shutdowns; we’ve seen what damage they do. I will always actively oppose government shutdowns and work with anyone who’s open to commonsense solutions to addressing our fiscal challenges.
  • We must never risk default. I will do everything in my power to maintain the full faith and credit of the United States.
  • Tax revenue is an investment in our nation. I will always make sure that every such investment is used wisely, carefully, and for its stated purpose.
  • By the same token, I will do whatever I can to ensure that government spending stays within limits and that raising revenues is rare and only when needed to meet our obligations.


The Environment

  • Southwest Florida is uniquely dependent on the wealth of its natural ecosystem. I will always work to ensure that our ecosystem is clean and healthy.
  • We must preserve the quality of our water, both fresh and on our Gulf shores.
  • We need to implement as many measures as possible to prevent future unwanted releases of water from Lake Okeechobee into the Caloosahatchee River. I support current efforts to build reservoirs and improve the flow of water southward through the Everglades. I will fight for these improvements in Congress and ensure their full funding.
  • I will actively monitor implementation of improvements to water management in Southwest Florida.
  • We must protect our beaches, drinking water, and the natural environment that is critical to Southwest Florida’s life and economy.
  • I oppose any fracking or oil drilling that may spoil our greatest tourism assets.
  • I support a multi-region solution that addresses all aspects of pollution affecting Southwest Florida and I will work for federal support of that solution.
  • I support restoration of the Everglades in a way that is sensitive to all interested parties and their needs.


Climate change

  • The growing challenges of climate change are real and were on full display in Southwest Florida during Hurricane Irma, affecting all our lives.
  • Southwest Florida should be the most prepared region in the country, if not the world, for future environmental disasters.
  • I will work to get federal support to strengthen Southwest Florida’s infrastructure and defenses against environmental pollution, sea level rise, and catastrophic acts of nature, whether from hurricanes, floods, or wildfires.



  • I believe that access to quality and affordable healthcare is not a luxury but a fundamental right for all Americans. We need to protect that right.
  • The Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) is a sound law, seeking to provide everyone with access to affordable, high-quality health insurance, particularly our seniors and those with pre-existing conditions.
  • Where the ACA has weaknesses, it needs to be strengthened, repaired, and improved, not discarded.
  • I oppose any attempt to subvert, attack and destroy affordable healthcare without any regard to the effect it has on people. I care who gets hurt as a result of those attempts!
  • I believe constituents of the 19th District benefit from the ACA, especially for pre-existing conditions. I will serve you by continuing to examine, refine, and improve the law.
  • Women deserve to make choices about their lives and we have an obligation to provide quality access to both services and information that make those personal choices possible.
  • I support fully funding Planned Parenthood and Federally Qualified Health Centers as integral parts of our healthcare infrastructure.