A Big Win for Democrats is Coming!


Yesterday’s election results, especially from New Jersey and Virginia governors’ races, are enormously encouraging. They show that people are genuinely fed up with Trump and the tide is turning against his brand of lies, ignorance, and hate.

This gives me new hope that we here can win this election. The path is difficult, challenging and uncertain but with a lot of aggressive campaigning, a good message and the feeling of all decent people, whether Democratic, Republican or Independent, that the time has come to take a stand, I know we can win.

We’re going to pick up the pace now. As of today, there are 363 days to the election. That’s actually not much time and there’s a lot to do. But, to paraphrase Winston Churchill, while this may not be the beginning of the end, it may just mark the end of the beginning.

Clear the decks, the ride is about to get interesting.