David Holden interviewed by Lee Pitts, host of Lee Pitts on Fox 4

In an interview during the African Network of Southwest Florida’s Gala, David Holden was interviewed by Lee Pitts, host of Lee Pitts Live, broadcast on Fox 4.

Some highlights:

Why David Holden and his wife Streeter decided he should run for Congress:
“We feel there are problems in this country that are not getting addressed, problems of healthcare, environment, infrastructure, jobs, and housing for young people that are not being discussed and addressed in a way that gets results. So we decided to get involved. Since last January we’ve been going up and down, across the district, meeting folks and getting a sense of what representation people really need in Washington.”

On the importance of diversity:
“One of the things we want to bring attention to is the richness of our diversity, not just culturally but economically. When you have a community of people made up of people from all over the world, they bring abilities, they bring experience that is invaluable and it really adds to the economic ability of the community to thrive.

Is there a new opportunity for a Democrat in the District?
“If I didn’t believe that I wouldn’t be doing this. I think the facts on the ground have changed a little bit. Even without really strong Democratic opposition, the Democrats got 35 percent of the vote last year, so that’s where we start. So we don’t need 20 points, we need less than that. In the conversations I’ve had, people don’t feel they’re being well represented and they want a change.”

Watch the Interview on Video Below