Our Environment

“A clean, healthful natural environment is critical to all life in Southwest Florida and to its economy. Southwest Florida’s natural environment is delicate, under immediate threat and we need to work hard to preserve it.”

David’s Plan for the Environment

  • Work to stop harmful discharges from Lake Okeechobee and make the entire regional eco-system from the Kissimmee River to Florida Bay, including the Everglades, one that is environmentally healthful while supporting populations along the coast.
  • Acknowledge climate change as a fact and prepare for its effects.
  • Insist all federal agencies plan for how they are going to deal with climate change.
  • Secure a consistent stream of funding to research, plan and implement a sea level rise solution.
  • Make Southwest Florida the most resilient place in the nation, given the inevitability of extreme weather and climatic changes.
  • Base our decision-making on facts and science and not on wishful thinking, ideology, or blind denial.
  • Restore American membership in the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • Support current efforts to mitigate pollution and purify the water flowing from Lake O, including the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP). I also support all efforts to provide for the southward flow of clean, nourishing water for the Everglades from Lake O.
  • Any solutions to the environmental problems of Southwest Florida must be regional and incorporate the input of all stakeholders. As a member of Congress, I will strive to bring everyone to the table to find comprehensive, long-term solutions to our environmental challenges.