Reaction to Texas Shooting

The day after Southwest Floridians demonstrated during the Day of Action to oppose gun violence, 26 people were killed in a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas in a shooting whose motivation is still unclear.

In Southwest Florida, David Holden spoke out for protection of the public against gun violence.

“I extend my condolences to those who lost loved ones in Sutherland Springs and I share the nation’s shock and horror at this attack on innocent churchgoers. While I support Second Amendment rights and I know that most gun owners are careful, decent, law-abiding people, the Second Amendment calls for a ‘well-regulated militia’—it doesn’t rule out any sort of protections for firearms safety. Sensible protections are consistent with the aims of the Founders and Second Amendment rights,” he said.

“While we don’t know the mental state and motivations of the shooter in Texas, the public must be protected against gun violence and guns have to be kept out of the hands of the unstable. We also have to acknowledge that the pervasiveness of guns tempts gun violence. Until we do this, Southwest Floridians are vulnerable as they go about their everyday lives—even as they pray in our churches, synagogues and other houses of worship, which are places of refuge. Enforcing background checks, closing gun show loopholes and restricting and restraining military capabilities in the civilian population will go a long way toward protecting innocent Floridians and all Americans from random gun violence.”